Ang aton dunang mang-gad: MARADYANG -PANAY STRIPED-BABBLER

“Only in Panay Island, Philippines. Status: Near Threatened”

This is the first time that a mother Maradyang and its juvenile were documented in the wild by the Panay Bird Club Co-Founder Ruperto Quitag during our Mt. Madjaas expedition last May 8-11, 2014. To see one of the unique treasures of Panay Island, the Maradyang, is a life-changing experience. As we traversed up into the dense rain-forest (1,370 meters above sea level), our forest guide Tatay Oswe pointed to us the Maradyang.

The first encounter was quick since the bird flew fast when it noticed us. Moments later, as we entered the mossy rain-forest (1,750 meters above sea level), we heard the same bird sound. We were excited to watch the mother Maradyang and its juvenile leaped or hoped from one branch to another. This time, the mother bird did not fly since she has to protect her juvenile. It was a rare encounter because Nong Rupert had the chance to take good photos as they bond with one another. We were only 3-4 meters away from the two birds.

It is endemic to Panay Island, Philippines. This species has an extremely small range, being known from the slopes of just two mountains. Although its habitat is not currently threatened, it should be monitored carefully for any evidence of future land-use changes within occupied areas. It is currently listed as Near Threatened. (


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