Pottery and Brick Making in Tibiao, Antique

Keeping in touch with Pinoy cultural heritage is more fun with this hands-on exercise! Pottery and brick-making in Brgy. Bandoja, Tibiao, Antique should be in your list if you come to experience an age-old way of life. With 450,000 metric tons of clay reserve for pottery and brick making, Brgy. Bandoja invites you to try the potter’s wheel. And If you think that pottery is just a matter of spinning the wheel and dipping your hands on that dirty brown clay, then go ahead and do it. Surely, you’ll realize that it’s not that easy. The wheel will draw you in and that clay will require your full attention and patience. If soft is not your kind of challenge, then throw that clay into the mold and hit it hard with a paddle. If you can’t make a pot, surely you can create a solid brick!



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