Antique Rice Terraces

Experience The 600-hectare Antique Rice Terraces!

Located at the heart of Panay Island in Brgy. Fullon, San Remegio, the Antique Rice Terraces (ART) is the living heritage of the Iraynon Bukidnon, an Indigenous People of Antique.


To reach the 600-hectare wonders of nature, you will conquer 5 great mountains. The 5-hour trek from Brgy. Iglinap, Valderrama to Brgy. General Fullon, San Remegio requires both physical and mental endurance.


Upon arrival in the village, you will be greeted with hospitality and the simplicity of life by the Iraynon Bukidnon. Most of their houses are made of light materials which are locally available in the area.


Nanay Elena Rubite-Gomez, 90, is the oldest Iraynon Bukidnon. She started to work in the rice field when she was 20 years old. According to her, the ART was built around 1925-1930.


The full story of the ART exploration will be published on September 7, 2015. Kruhay Antique!

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